acupressure | bodywork

acupressure / therapeutic bodywork is a fast and effective treatment to address many common structural pain and balance issues.

From alleviating lower back pain to boosting the immune system, I offer a natural, non-invasive, and soothing modality of bodywork. It harnesses the body’s natural power to heal itself, providing immediate relief as well as, preventive therapy.

With a refined touch, firm yet comfortable pressure is applied to energetically congested points throughout your body for intervals lasting from several seconds to sometimes minutes at a time.
While there are certainly similarities with chiropractic or osteopathic modalities, my work based in traditional Chinese medicine, rarely incorporates direct manipulation of bones.

I focus instead on all the soft tissues (muscles, tendons, ligaments, connective tissue, and fascia) which support your skeletal system to identify the true origin of your restricted range-of-motion and pain and skillfully restore your body’s physiological balance and natural energy flow.



© cristiannewman / unsplash