bodyweight training | weight balance

Here are 7 reasons why I love teaching bodyweight training :

1. It requires minimal to no equipment

Unlike most other forms of exercise, all you need to do bodyweight training is your own bodyweight – and maybe some power bands.
This gives you the freedom to work out in your local park or even just in your own home.

This is a huge plus for anyone who travels often, doesn’t have access to a gym, or just plain likes to be able to work out anywhere, anytime.

2. It helps your body move like it was supposed to

Bodyweight training is the ultimate form of functional fitness since it helps you develop useful athletic abilities that can benefit you no matter what you’re doing – whether you’re climbing a tree, lifting a suitcase over your head in an airplane, or playing with your kids at the playground.

Better yet, since my training means you’ll be moving your body the way it was designed to move, you’ll move and feel better in all areas of your life.

3. It makes you a better athlete

If you do any other sports or yoga aside from our workouts, you probably need to be able to run, jump, twist, lunge, squat, pull, or press, if not all of the above.

And since bodyweight training helps your body move the way it wants to move naturally, all the bodyweight exercises you learn to do will help you tremendously in whatever sport you do, and make you a safer, stronger and more aligned athlete and yogi.

4. It protects your joints, stabilizes bone and muscle density and keeps you injury-free.

To be strong all over, you need to not only have strong muscles, but also strong joints. And because bodyweight training works the joints, muscles, and tendons as they are meant to be worked, it helps to create strong joints and tendons for life – and helps protect you from injuries.

5. It maximizes strength and makes you feel at home in your body

Getting strong isn’t all about how much weight you can lift, press, or pull – it’s about how strong your joints and tendons are. And since my training works your joints like they’re meant to be worked, calisthenics can help develop greater strength, power and balance and self-confidence.

6. It builds muscle to protect your bones from osteoporosis  (yes, really)

When most people think of bodyweight training, they don’t associate it with building muscle – you need heavy weights for that, right? Wrong.
I increase the game of my clients by adding muscle building routines especially speedy repeats and core calisthenics to build muscle where needed.

7. It regulates your body fat and hormonal household  

With my training your body finds its way back to its natural weight – also your cravings will automatically be regulated.

I am also happy to support you with a nutrition plan that will help facilitate your training/weight loss/weight gain GOALS.